Exploring Spotify’s AI Playlist: AI-Generated Playlists from User Prompts

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Spotify’s AI Playlist takes music curation to a whole new level, revolutionising the way you discover and enjoy your favourite tunes.The industry leader in music streaming, Spotify, keeps pushing the limits of artificial intelligence. The platform is now foraying into the world of automatically creating playlists in response to user queries after earlier this year’s launch of an AI-powered DJ.

Chris Messina, a product designer and the person who created the hashtag, made the interesting discovery. Within Spotify’s backend, Messina found illuminating code fragments that made reference to a brand-new function dubbed “AI Playlist.” The wording that said, “Get playlists based on your prompts,” was even more alluring. When it is officially published, this developing feature can be viewed as Spotify’s answer to ChatGPT, a customized playlist curator powered by AI.

Exploring Spotify's AI Playlist: AI-Generated Playlists from User Prompts

Messina additionally conjectured that this function would be compatible with Spotify Blend, an already-existing function that is alluded to by extra lines of code. Spotify Blend enables two users to combine their musical tastes by creating algorithmically generated playlists that anticipate what each user could like from the musical tastes of the other.

On the subject of this development’s specifics, Spotify has kept mum. A Spotify representative responded to questions about the function by saying, “At Spotify, we are continually iterating and ideating to improve our product offering and deliver value to users. However, we don’t address rumors about potential new features and have nothing to report at the moment.

Spotify has experimented with creating playlists based on descriptions before. The platform debuted Niche Mixes earlier this year, a collection of tailored playlists that mix different musical genres and emotions. Users could just type a description into the search bar, followed by the phrase “mix,” to get a playlist with music that fits that particular mood. However, Spotify made it clear that Niche Mixes relied on the personalization mechanism of the platform rather than AI.

Spotify unveiled its rather contentious AI-powered DJ in February with the intention of improving the music discovery process. The DJ selects songs it thinks listeners will like but occasionally interjects with clever quips, possibly detracting from the listening experience. It’s important to note that Spotify acquired Sonatic, a London-based software startup that specializes in AI voices, rather than developing the AI that powers the DJ in-house.

Users may anticipate a more individualized and cutting-edge music discovery experience as Spotify explores the potential of AI-generated playlists. While the exact details of this feature’s introduction are still unknown, it is clear that Spotify is committed to using AI to improve its platform and give users a more personalized and interesting musical experience. Keep checking back for more on this fascinating development in the streaming music industry.

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