Devastating Crisis Unleashed: Nvidia RTX 4090 Cable Meltdown Nightmare Strikes Users
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Amidst the cutting-edge technology of the Nvidia RTX 4090, there’s an unsettling reality: the looming specter of the Nvidia RTX 4090 cable meltdown issue. In recent months, there have been less reports of melted 16-pin power connectors (12VHPWR) in Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards. Many people thought this problem had been resolved in the past, however a recent complaint from a member by the name of Byogore on the PCMR subreddit has revealed its continued existence. According to Byogore’s account, another RTX 4090 met its demise as a result of the dreaded 12VHPWR power connector melting. However, it’s interesting to note that Byogore’s RTX 4090 was able to last for a year before failing due to this fatal fault.

Devastating Crisis Unleashed: Nvidia RTX 4090 Cable Meltdown Nightmare Strikes Users

Depending on usage and environmental factors, most impacted cards were said to die within six months when the RTX 4090 melting scandal peaked in early 2023. The longevity of one year in Byogore’s example contrasts sharply with these earlier projections. This startling revelation raises worries that additional Nvidia RTX 4090s still using the outdated 12VHPWR power adapter may suffer similar fates. Even if it doesn’t portend doom for all RTX 4090s, it does raise the prospect of more erratic failures in the future.

For background, it should be noted that the introduction of the cutting-edge 12VHPWR power connector, capable of providing up to 600W, is principally responsible for the problems with burned and dead Nvidia RTX 4090s that first surfaced in late 2022. The 12VHPWR connector played a crucial part in these incidents, which were regularly related to burned 16-pin power connectors on the GPU, power cables, power adapters, or a combination of these elements.

In their original response to these issues in November 2022, Nvidia claimed user error was to blame. Users weren’t properly connecting the 16-pin power connector to the RTX 4090’s equivalent power connector, claims Nvidia. This justification, however, didn’t appear adequate because many users who reported RTX 4090 troubles were seasoned system builders, casting doubt on the idea that user mistake was the only cause.

Six months after Nvidia’s original answer, the PCI-SIG unveiled the 12V-2×6 power connector, a new 16-pin connector that was created to remedy the problems with the 12VHPWR connector. A number of enhancements were made to this revised connector, including improved power delivery, which was increased from 600W to 660W. Early evaluations showed that this change was beneficial in preventing melting and overheating problems. It’s important to remember that only time will be able to confirm its efficiency.

This new connector has been covertly incorporated by Nvidia into the RTX 4090 and other graphics cards, such as the RTX 4070. There are still a sizable number of RTX 4090s in use, meanwhile, that use the troublesome, outdated 12VHPWR power connector. Modern graphics card warranties often last three or four years, depending on the manufacturer, which is good news for most RTX 4090 owners. Therefore, those having problems throughout this time span ought to still be protected by the warranty. Beyond this time, the fate of RTX 4090s with melting 12VHPWR connectors is unknown, raising questions about their long-term dependability.

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FAQ’s on Nvidia RTX 4090 Cable Meltdown

Q: Is the issue of melting 16-pin power connectors exclusive to the Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card?

A: No, while the article primarily discusses the Nvidia RTX 4090, this issue initially gained attention in the late 2022 for several Nvidia graphics cards, particularly those using the 12VHPWR power connector.

Q: What was the cause of these melting connector issues, and has it been resolved?

A: Initially, Nvidia attributed the problems to user error, suggesting that users were not correctly inserting the 16-pin power connector. However, the situation prompted the introduction of the 12V-2×6 power connector, which appears to have addressed the problem. It features improvements and higher power delivery, reducing the risk of overheating and melting. Recent testing shows positive results, although long-term effectiveness remains to be seen.

Q: If my RTX 4090 experiences this issue, is it covered by warranty?

A: Most modern graphics card warranties extend to three or four years, depending on the manufacturer. If you encounter melting or connector issues within this warranty period, you should be covered. However, beyond the warranty period, the future reliability of RTX 4090s with the older 12VHPWR power connector remains uncertain, and owners may not be covered.

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