Overwatch 2 Season 7 Patch Notes: Empowering Enhancements for a Dynamic Update!

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Overwatch 2 Season 7 Patch Notes bring a wave of exciting changes to the beloved game, promising to revitalize the experience for players of all levels. The seventh season is here, and it is jam-packed with intriguing changes that are sure to upend the game. While a new battle pass, a new map, and the contentious Sombra change are the main draws, the most recent patch notes contain a wealth of additional information.

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These patch notes, which Blizzard released on October 9 on its forums, include both substantial changes and minor tweaks that are meant to improve gameplay balance and engagement. While Sombra’s revision is unquestionably the highlight of the presentation, there are other noteworthy changes as well.

Some heroes have received a nerf, such Illari, whose secondary fire’s healing power, which was previously 120 points per second, is now only 105 points per second. The damage from Brigitte’s Whip Shot increased from 70 to 80, and the dispersion of Wrecking Ball’s primary fire increased from 20 to 38. On the other hand, heroes like Brigitte and Wrecking Ball saw enhancements. Mei’s adjustments feature both positive and negative effects because her Deep Chill passive has been completely eliminated, replacing it with an instant 40% slow when she uses her primary fire.

Beyond these adjustments to the balance, season seven brings about modifications that could have significant effects on the competition approach. The balance of the Route 66 Escort map has been improved for the attacking team, and the addition of Group Respawn is expected to promote stronger teamwork. In the event of consecutive teammate deaths, their spawns will congregate within a five-second timeframe, deterring uncoordinated trickling and promoting collaborative play. To make sure that these adjustments have the desired effects, Blizzard is closely monitoring user feedback.

List of Overwatch 2 Season 7 patch notes:

2023’s Halloween Terror

Overwatch 2 will become a ghostly battleground for the spookiest event of the year. Your preferred game modes, including Junkenstein’s Revenge, Wrath of the Bride, and the brand-new Blizzard crossover mode, Trials of Sanctuary, are back in Halloween Terror. Join forces with Sanctuary’s heroes, improve their skills, and face off against tough bosses including Butcher Roadhog, Azmodan Wrecking Ball, and Lilith Moira.


New Control map Samoa features a variety of settings, including a tropical beach, a shining city, and even inside a volcano. Beware of dangerous traps, such as lava! Samoa is playable right away in an exclusive Arcade card, and it will be included in Quick Play and other unranked modes on October 10 before being added to Competitive Play later in the season.


The thorough Sombra Rework was done with the following objectives in mind: increasing Sombra’s commitment to her engagements, improving the active feel of her ability set, and maintaining the Hacker fantasy. This revision tackles problems that arise on both sides of the conflict.

Changes to Sombra include:

Increased damage for her Machine Pistol.

Hack’s cast duration has been shortened; it no longer cancels Stealth.

Hack’s cooldown was modified.

A brand-new capability called Virus that inflicts damage gradually.

Enhancements to the translocator.

EMP changes, including a higher ultimate charge cost and different health % damage.

These modifications should give Sombra and her playstyle fresh vitality.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Official Trailer


In conclusion, the seventh season of Overwatch 2 is building up to be a thrilling and influential one for gamers. The game is certain to feel new and interesting thanks to a variety of hero balancing adjustments, a novel map, and a significant Sombra overhaul. Embrace Sombra’s revised playstyle and don’t miss out on the Halloween Terror event or the new Control map, Samoa. Blizzard will continue to pay close attention to player feedback to make sure that these modifications improve the overall Overwatch 2 experience.

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FAQ’s on Overwatch 2 Season 7 Patch Notes

1. What has changed the most in Overwatch 2’s seventh season?

The redesign of the hero Sombra in Overwatch 2’s seventh season represents the biggest shift. Sombra’s skills have been reinvented by Blizzard to increase gaming immersion, commitment, and to maintain the hacker stereotype. Her Machine Pistol, Hack, Translocator, and other tools have all undergone alterations.

2. How will the Sombra redesign affect the meta and competitive play of the game?

The Sombra change has the potential to have a big effect on the meta and competitive play of the game. Sombra has undergone adjustments that have made her a more engaged and active hero, which may have an impact on how competitive strategies employ her. For example, Hack’s shorter cooldown might alter the way that teams and strategies utilise her.

3. When will Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror event and the brand-new Samoa map be available?

Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror event will include game types including Junkenstein’s Revenge and others. Beginning on October 10, Samoa, a new Control map, will be readily available in a special Arcade card. Along with Quick Play and other unranked modes, Competitive Play will also have it later in the season.

4. Aside from the Sombra redesign, what other patch notes changes are noteworthy?

The seventh season of Overwatch 2’s patch notes also include features like Group Respawn and a number of balance modifications for other heroes. Sombra is only one of the characters getting a makeover. With particular improvements made to characters like Illari, Brigitte, Wrecking Ball, and Mei, these changes seek to produce a more fun and well-balanced gaming experience. Changes to Route 66 and Group Respawn may also have an effect on players’ competitive strategies.

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