Pokemon GO Harvest Festival 2023: Discover the 5 Must-Have Pokemon to Elevate Your Adventure!

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As the autumn leaves fall, trainers gear up for an exciting adventure at the Pokemon GO Harvest Festival 2023, where new creatures, Shiny encounters, and thrilling surprises await! Halloween is almost approaching, and Pokémon GO players have a thrilling treat in store with the upcoming Harvest Festival event, which is set to bring some terrifying new Pocket Monsters to catch as well as some Halloween chills.

The Pokémon GO world will change into a Halloween wonderland starting on Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 10 am local time, and lasting until Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 8 pm local time. Pokémon GO fans have always considered Halloween to be a special occasion, and this year is no different thanks to the addition of brand-new creatures.

Pokemon GO Harvest Festival 2023: Discover the 5 Must-Have Pokemon to Elevate Your Adventure!

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This post will walk you through the five Pokémon that you absolutely must have in Pokémon GO during the Harvest Festival.

1) Pumpkaboo

During the physical 2023 Pokémon GO Fest in New York City, this spectral Pumpkin Pokémon made its appearance. During the Harvest Festival, Pumpkaboo and its shiny variation are now accessible worldwide. Use Mossy Lure Modules to increase your chances of coming across a shiny Pumpkaboo. By increasing the number of Pumpkaboo encounters, these modules boost your chance of catching this unique variant.

2) Arboliva

During the Harvest Festival, the Grass and Normal-type Pokémon Arboliva will make its Pokémon GO debut. Although it may not rule the Grass-type metagame with a maximum Combat Power (CP) of 3,345, it can be a vital addition to your PvP lineup. Its dual type of Grass and Normal reduces its flaws, making it a good choice for your team.

3) Shiny Female Combee

If you’re fortunate enough to find a Shiny Female Combee with a low Attack IV and strong Defense and Stamina IVs, you’ll have an excellent Pokémon for the Pokémon GO Battle League. Although Combee cannot be directly flexed, it can be transformed into the fearsome battler Vespiqueen.

4) Flabebe

Flabebe is a Fairy-type Pokémon that comes in five color variations, but only the red, blue, and yellow varieties will be offered during the Harvest Festival. You’ll need to travel or trade with pals to complete your collection because certain varieties will be region-locked. The blue Flabebe variation will appear in Asia’s East Pacific region, the yellow variant in the Americas, and the red Flabebe variant in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The evolved form of these local varieties, Florges, is a top-tier Fairy-type attacker in the current Pokémon GO Battle League meta, thus catching them is crucial.

5) Shiny Cottonee

During the Harvest Festival, Shiny Cottonee will only occasionally appear, so keep an eye out for this priceless Pokémon. Whimsicott, its evolution, has a dual Grass and Fairy typing, making it a potent opponent in PvP confrontations. Aspiring Pokémon GO battlers would be prudent to get Shiny Cottonee for their collections.

These Pokémon are your keys to success during this unique season, and the Pokémon GO Harvest Festival promises to be a spooktacular event. Don’t pass up the chance to capture these amazing creatures and fully enjoy the Halloween-themed events. Prepare yourself, take a Poké Ball, and start the Harvest Festival adventure!

Pokemon Go Harvest Festival 2023 Tips & Tricks

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FAQ’s on Pokemon Go Harvest Festival 2023

1. What are Lure Modules and how might they aid in locating Shiny Pumpkaboo in Pokémon GO’s Harvest Festival?

In Pokémon GO, lure modules are items that may be used to draw particular Pokémon to PokéStops. Using Mossy Lure Modules may enhance your chances of running into Pumpkaboo, particularly its Shiny version, during the Harvest Festival event. These modules effectively increase the pace at which certain Pokémon spawn, increasing your chances of finding Shiny Pumpkaboo.

2. How can I catch them if they are region-locked Flabebe varieties and can I find all of them during the Harvest Festival?

Only the red, blue, and yellow Flabebe varieties will be offered during the Harvest Festival. You must be in specific regions to encounter these versions because they are region-locked. Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will produce the red variant; Asia’s East Pacific will produce the blue variant; and the Americas will produce the yellow variant. You might need to travel or trade with pals from other places to catch them all.

3. How rare is a Shiny Female Combee, and why is it desirable for Pokémon GO Battle League?

Only one out of every eight Combee might be a girl, making Shiny girl Combee extremely uncommon. Acquiring a Shiny variation is pure luck. It is widely desired for the Pokémon GO Battle League since it evolves into the powerful Vespiqueen. For a powerful addition to your combat lineup, seek down a Shiny Female Combee with low Attack IV and high Defense and Stamina IVs.

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