What would life be without modern technology?

Modern technology
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Nowadays human depends on technology for almost everything. On the other hand, technology makes a person lazy as well by doing their job done on time.

Let’s have a look at how would life be without modern technology:

Books besides the bed

As nowadays there is a smartphone beside the bed of everyone. But if there is no smartphone then people might prefer reading books, novels, newspapers or may prefer early sleeping and early morning wakeup routine. So in this way, options of spending or killing time are less so the person’s routine will be easy.

Checking up in the morning

As we wake up the first thing we prefer to use is our smartphone either for productive purposes or not, but still, we spend some time using different applications. But if we suppose for a second there is no smartphone beside our bed in the morning, we prefer to go for walk or spend some quality time with our family. So in a way, we will be able to build strong interaction with our family members.

Public transport

If we have no personal conveyance we will be going for public transport. As nowadays we called for uber or some other service to pick us from our doorstep.

ATM’S Machines

Nowadays if we receive or send money we do it exactly on the spot using our mobile banking applications. But if consider there is no such facility for us, we will go for an ATM machine or bank to send or receive money. Like without technology we are doing some physical activity.


Nowadays people don’t prefer to go to libraries for studies because they have their complete study material at home. Because of this facility, they prefer home for studies. But if we suppose for a second there is no smartphone or different search engines students or any person who wants the study materials they will, of course, go to the library for study materials by any means.

Unaware of people’s activity

Of course WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram status keeps people aware of other people’s life activities. So sometimes this thing creates competition or jealousy in people. So without modern technology, we cant be able to keep a check on other people’s lives and so there be real living beings of people.


We would prefer to send our messages through letters which are old fashioned now. But then this will be a requirement of the time for official purposes or unofficial purposes.

Attendance register

As we are using the biometric system for check-in and out. But we suppose our system without this facility. There will be attendance registers in offices or any other workplace.

Family gatherings

As people prefer to play video games or using social media platforms for leisure time rather than family gatherings. But if we do have not a smartphone option, we will spend quality time with family in the evening or go to the gym and these are real-life goals.

Explore the nature

On weekends we watch movies or go to the cinema on the big screen. But on the way without that technology, we will go on a tour and explore nature and be physically and mentally fit, more productive without wasting time on people’s activity.

Strong relationships

Without technology, people will prefer to make strong relationships with their limited friends, siblings, parents, spouse. There will be a strong bond between them rather than fake viewers and followers like on social media platforms.

Enjoyable moments

One advantage in my opinion is without technology life will be enjoyable because there will be no fake following, bad/good comments, criticism, fake social display. Real-life moments and real-life enjoyment.

No or less anxiety

As social media games put people in anxiety-like how to show people their good lifestyle which is fake most of the time. So people will be thankful for what they have and will not suffer from depression or anxiety and will enjoy their life moments rather than keeping a check on other people’s story which might be fake.

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