The Role of Technology in Making Important Health Decisions

Health Decisions
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For many businesses across the globe, the development of technology to assist people (and even themselves) make better choices is a significant emphasis. Artificial understanding, virtual reality and sophisticated algorithms are no more science fiction fantasies but become realities today. They have arrived and are ready to start immediately. The mobile company is committed to marketing a self-employed vehicle by 2025, which is supposed to replace the human driver completely (meanwhile, the company has developed an assistant in drivers making better driving choices and preventing accidents); OrCam, a company that makes glasses for blind people in order to help them with different tasks in everyday life; For example, the search results ordered by Google and Facebook ads showing relevant, user-friendly information are both widely recognised examples. Traditional businesses are changing by more pervasive technology.

Technological Options Evaluation

It is not difficult to carry out a technology evaluation programme; nevertheless, it requires investment in time, knowledge and personnel, as well as management and physicists’ engagement.

The establishment of a Technology Advisory Board is an important stage in the technology evaluation process. In addition to analysing and assessing new-technology applications based on specified criteria, this committee also analyses requests for capital budgets for new-and replacement-based technology and defines mission-based and strategic objectives for new, emerging and replacement technologies. This committee should report to the top management of the institution.

The technical advisory board should be represented by medical experts and this is extremely essential. Medical training is often behind the fast creation of new technologies and other advancements in the profession. With the participation of doctors in the planning process, everyone is assured that the newest technological advances are up to date. They are more up-to-date than any other expert in their fields on current progress. The participation of doctors also helps to minimise the probability of priority disputes and allows the peer evaluation of ideas by other physicians.

Capture information

Customer data, financial records, market trends, competitor profiles and other business statistics are all examples of sources of information that may be used for data collection. A business may utilise a strong data management system to access such vast quantities of data by keeping information centrally available via a safe, Internet-accessible network.

Increase overall product and service quality

Your company’ success is determined by how well you perform compared to your rivals. You may expand the market share of your goods by utilising technology to enhance your products or provide new services to your consumers. While it may be difficult, technology may help you find and practise new ideas. Furthermore, you can anticipate market reaction by adding value, increasing productivity and maintaining competitiveness.

You may utilise social listening tools such as BuzzSumo and customer feedback to find out what works or just see sales data. In addition, you may plan for seasonal surges or times of low activity before time, so that you can prepare resources and arrange staff appropriately. All things that technology can also assist you with include product purchases and pricing, stocking, marketing choices and the inventory balance. You may enhance product planning, product design and development, and product marketing choices depending on the information you collect.


At every stage in the decision-making process, a technical component may be discovered. Throughout the data collection phase, people utilise technology to acquire information from Google, Wikipedia and other sources; this information will have an effect on the decision-maker during the whole subsequent decision-making stage. Whether consciously or not, technology helps individuals screen, analyse and digest information and create and evaluate different answers and alternatives. Dan Ariely (2010) demonstrated in his book Predictably Irrational how goods and prices are presented on a website that may persuade clients to purchase them. Knowing something has an impact, even if it is hidden, on the subconscious. Consumers are more likely to click and buy if, for instance, an orange coloured buying button is utilised than other colours.

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