Technology and transport

Technology and transport
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Transportation and the economy are directly linked with one another. Country transportation should be efficient and safe to boost the economic status of a country. Technology is playing a leading role in making transportation efficient, cheap, and above all safe.

Efficient transportation

Google maps tell us the easiest route possible. It has a proper sound facility which is helpful too. It explains the congestion on the road very well. We predict the journey and manage our time. Technology’s role in transportation saves us time helps us in managing our time and most importantly gives us the exact location.

Cheap transportation

Due to technological advancement different applications developed like Careem, Uber, etc. In competition with one another, they offer cheap prices. We have a lot of cheap transportation facilities. They provide us with the services of taking our goods and delivered to the exact desired location. In this service, our energy and money are saved.

Safe transportation

Unlike taxi and local transport which are risky to cause harm, Uber, and Careem, etc provide us with the safety of our lives and goods. As they keep the complete record of their drivers ( Captain in their term ). People are quite safe using their services.

Energy saver

Technology saves our energy for the actual task. We can escape ourselves from hurdles by choosing the right path/clear route. We predict the weather before and arrange things accordingly. Such safety measures save our energy and above all time.

Time Management

Time management is the key to success and yes technology helps us in managing our time. If we manage time properly we can reach on time. We travel peacefully,  we ensure the safety of our lives and other road users.

Fewer accidents

If we drive a car with a google map on it clearly guides us about curves, left turn, right turn, mountains, rush, clear roads, close roads and ultimately prepares our mind for the upcoming hurdles and situations. Through these helpful guidelines, we avoid accidents and ensure the safety of other people.

Trace the track

Nowadays trackers are installed in a vehicle to check their route and keeping an eye on them. In case of any damage is caused we can trace the vehicle’s exact location on time. We can operate the tracker by smart cell phones, laptops, or computers.

Online tickets

We can book our seats for any place at home or anywhere, there is no need to reach the bus station to book the ticket first and then wait for the bus to depart. We need to facilitate ourselves using modern-day technology.

On-demand services

On-demand ride facilities are available. If we shift our goods or gifts etc to other people we can easily get services and deliver our things on time. This is convenient and saves our money.

Current location

If we pick our friend or family member, we can trace them by their current location. They have to send us their current location and through google maps, we can reach them easily without wasting energy and time.

Estimated bills of journey

If we want to know about our bills before starting our journey we add our initial starting point and then final destination then they give us the rough idea or estimated bill of our journey. We can manage things accordingly.

Technical fault

If there is any fault in modern cars or vehicles, we connect the cars with the laptop and find the exact problem and solve the issue. Such facilities ensure our safety and prevent us from road accidents.

Hybrid cars

We can check each activity of our car on-screen either the car is on the fuel or petrol. Then we can adjust our speed accordingly.

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