Impact of technology on people health and value?

Impact of technology on people
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As technology is in every field of human life and makes things easier day by day. Due to this facility, life is fast. People communicate with one another easily and at any time. People use technology excessively and beyond limits. People who use smart more often are at health risk. The impacts are following:


People who use a smartphone in the late hours of the night cannot sleep properly. They are deprived of sleep. Due to sleep disturbance, they cannot actively perform in their life. Insomnia affects mental health so much.

Wrong posture

We feel tired sitting in any position for a long time. Due to continuously working on laptops or desktops, we work at any posture. Due to this struggle, our posture is disturbed and we feel pain in our back, shoulders.

Vision problem

Using mobile phone and laptops all the time, it affects our eyesight as well. It causes itching in our eyes, eyes swell, water flows from eyes, causing pain in our eyes.

Drain energy from the body

If we constantly use mobile phones, we invest our energy in the wrong place. That’s why we are becoming lazy day by day. We cannot remain productive.

Mental health

We cannot think because we are busy with the smartphone all the time. Due to this reason, the ability to think diminished. We use mobile for calculations, keeping the notes safe, and for many more tasks.

Out of focus

Our focus is not on the required task but the social media. We waste hours and hours scrolling up and down the social media pages.

Moral values

We should be careful of our moral values. Young generations indulge themselves in social media platforms doing wrong things, upload pictures that are not worth sharing. There is no proper check and balance on them. They are doing everything, which they want to do. It is the biggest drawback.

Neck and shoulder pain

In-office setup use of laptop and computers are more. Employees have deadlines to complete their work and submit it. They have no option to take rest in those activities. As this is their routine work, slowly they get pain in the neck and shoulders. With the passage of time, it gets worse and they become ill seriously, they got to leave and visit doctors. This is now the story of every employee.


Every day we spend hours and hours on social media to connect with the world. We share our personal life with them. We see their things and get in the useless competition. In real life, there is no use in such things. We consider posting our story very important. These activities indulge us in showing off our happy side only. We are unaware of our family problems. We are unaware of our mental health.

Behavioral Issues

We are facing problems in our behavior. We are lack patience. Interest in technology so much is destroying our young generations. They have no ethics on how to behave with elders and parents. They are getting things and know about everything before the real-time.


People who are working in the office from 9 AM TO 5 PM only on laptops, computers, and data. They have no time left for exercise because when they come back from the office to home, they are completely washed out. They are getting obese with the passing days. Obesity itself is the cause of so many diseases.


Young generations are becoming violent because they learn such things from playing games. Those who beat others become heroes, young children act like a hero by doing criminal and illegal activities.

Emotional issues

Excessive use of everything is bad. People are emotionally attached to worldly things and fake friends.

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